I feel a bit like I’m drowning this week – literally and metaphorically since it is absolutely chucking it down and I am snowed under with stuff to do, ugh. I had some cracking wedding anxiety dreams last night but that has prompted me to attack my to-do list with renewed vigour which will hopefully help me not to stress about it (quite so much!).

Yesterday there was thunder and lightning and torrential rain which seems to be continuing today however fortunately the weather forecast for Coniston is ok tomorrow so I am hoping we don’t get rained on. It is going to be a loooooong day though with a 6am pickup, I will need an early night tonight for sure. I still need to slip in a cheeky Jantastic run though so that is the job for tonight, if the rain ever stops anyway… I may just do half a mile up the road then half a mile back and call it quits.

This week has been the week of cancelled plans since adding to the abortive football tournament my dinner out last night was cancelled at the last minute but that just meant I got to eat beans on toast in front of Homeland S2 – not exactly a hardship since the show is awesome! We are halfway through S2 at the moment but the DVD for S3 isn’t out for ages, I might have to do something about that, but am not googling it until we’ve finished S2 in case of spoilers!

Will just finish by listing some books I’ve enjoyed recently:

Dust – Hugh Howey
Third in the trilogy and better than #2 definitely but I’d forgotten too much of the back story to really enjoy it. The ending was good though.

Petroplague – Amy Rogers
I read this as it references some work done by people I know. It was a bit far fetched (I was good until the bit where they got captured by hill-billies) but an interesting concept and I did enjoy it.

Canada – Richard Ford
I started this last night. It is one from left-field since it was chosen for me as a Christmas present by the boys so I have no idea what to expect. Am enjoying it thus far though and it has some stellar reviews. The last book they chose for me was awesome (The Island – Victoria Hislop) so I have high hopes.

Have a good weekend!


Round and round we go

Running: Usual Lunchtime run today with some colleagues. There is a handy park right by work that, even handier, is about 500m in perimeter, so pretty good for intervals. With the limited time available it was a bit of a splash and dash with just 5 x 200m with 200m recoveries along with warm up and cool down (2.8 miles in total), but at least it counts for Jantastic and got me out in the sunshine.

Baking: Man, running makes me hungry. But since I have a wedding dress to fit into (final fitting is in 2 weeks and I need to lose half a stone before then, gulp) there is no baking on the horizon, just lots of crackerbread and philadephia. Sigh. I am going out to lunch after the dress fitting though and plan to EAT THE WORLD.

Sleeping: I need more sleep. That is all.

Repeating: More intervals tomorrow I think, this time on the track and for much longer. Not entirely looking forward to it if I’m honest but I’ve really dropped the ball on speedwork recently and I think I am missing out. New running plan involves running less but running smarter

In other news I have finished The Cuckoo’s Calling which was excellent (I hope there will be a sequel) and am nearing the end of The Island (Victoria Hislop) which I have massively enjoyed, so much so that I am trying to eke out the last few chapters as I just don’t want it to end. It also got me in a really interesting wikipedia loop about leprosy so I learnt something new as well – I thought it had died out like polio but it turns out it is actually curable these days but despite that the social stigma still remains. Fascinating stuff.

Road to nowhere

After the disaster of Snake Lane and the necessity of a work trip down south I haven’t run much this week apart from a quick 5k blast on tuesday lunchtime with some colleagues. In my Jantastic over-enthusiasm I have committed to a long run of 15 miles this week though so to avoid having to get up at the crack of dawn on Sunday and to avoid the awful awful dirty treble of a long run on friday night followed by parkrun and XC on Saturday (did that the other week, NEVER AGAIN), it means today is the day.

I am complaining internally (well, on here) though since doing a long run on a weekday evening is HARD. I’m tired anyway from my work trip and somehow never get my nutrition right for an evening run, plus it is dark, plus I lose most of my evening, plus poor J has to have yet another evening where I am not home until late so he is on dinner duty again. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), I work about 15.5 miles from home so will be running home tonight which at least mitigates some of the issues since I get home at a more reasonable time than if I went home and then went out, I’d have to walk some of the way anyway and the evenings are getting lighter but still I find myself wishing it wasn’t so. But I will enjoy it once it is finished, and I have remembered to bring my portable radio so can listen to 5live on the way home – it is quite soothing to run along listening to someone chatting and makes a change from my usual dance playlist. Roll on 4pm…

In other news I have obtained the last Divergent book so will give it a go and report back. On my kindle at the moment is JK Rowling’s detective novel which I am really enjoying, and I’ve also just finished Life of Pi (about 100 years after everyone else). I enjoyed it until the island bit where it just got weird and never really recovered. Next up is the Goldfinch I think.

In baking news I need to create something for XC on Saturday so am debating choices. I might do some mini-sandwiches for a bit of savoury, but cake is really the main event. I might stick with tried and tested malteaser traybake for an easy life but plan to ponder other choices while on the road tonight – 3 hours should be more than enough time to cogitate!


Shiny new blog! Not entirely sure what I will be writing about but I will see where the muse takes me.

DivergentThis is primarily a running and baking blog (as per the title) but I might throw some books in too. In fact I have a book dilemma – I have been reading Veronica Roth’s Divergent Trilogy and thoroughly enjoying it. I know I am enjoying a book when I try to get to the station earlier so I get a few extra minutes reading in, and the first two books of this trilogy have gripped me in a way I haven’t been gripped in a while (oo-er). I’m 97% through Book 2 (spot the Kindle reader) so first job at work this morning – well, second job since I was also strangely compelled to start listening to the curling so had to start iplayer – was to download the third book. Found it fine but herein lies the dilemma – it’s nearly £6 on kindle so about £5 more than I usually pay for a book, and also the reviews are not good. So, do I spend my hard earned cash on a book that sounds like it will ultimately be disappointing, or do I wait it out until it drops in price, good for the bank balance but by the time I get round to reading it I will likely have forgotten half the plot and it won’t be nearly as enjoyable (if indeed it is enjoyable at all)? The third option is to borrow it from the library, but there is bound to be a waiting list so again it could be months before I get it. I’m not sure if this quite fits the definition of a First World Problem but I am vexed nonetheless. I think I will have a cup of tea and ponder the dilemma some more.