Food Glorious Food

The blog has been a bit running heavy recently so I am ringing the changes and talking about food for a change. I am absolutely unable to stop eating at the moment, it is quite scary. I think I’m stressing about everything (work, wedding, you name it) and that manifests itself in a desire to eat my way out of the doldrums, but that in return just makes me more miserable when I weigh myself so I get caught in a vicious circle from which there is seemingly no return. This does have the bonus that I have plenty of food to talk about on here, but really I need to have a word with myself. And after the weekend I will. Honest.

Anyway, a mixture of food topics today – firstly my love for new chocolate bars knows no end. Last year I scoured every newsagent in a 2 mile radius to try and find White Lion Bars (I failed, but a lovely friend sent me some in the post), so now whenever I see something new I buy it immediately in case I can’t find it again.

Cadbury are a good source of new food, and I’ve found my local Tesco Metro an excellent place to find hidden gems, especially since they have a World Food section with US, Irish, Polish, Indian and many other foods, it is rather exciting (albeit pricey!). My first offering comes from there – Tiffin Dairy Milk (usually available in Ireland). It’s like Fruit and Nut but with biscuit swapped for the nuts (much more sensible) and is rather good.



Next up are two further Cadbury newbies – Ritz and Lu biscuits with Dairy Milk. The salty/sweet combo is one I am not usually enamoured by and in fact I ended up eating the crackers and then the chocolate which is not quite as intended. The biscuit one is nicer I think, but I’d still rather tuck into a bar of Dairy Milk on its own :purist:



Next up and finally some baking. Scones from our recent weekend away and some peanut butter squares made for the Sport Relief bakesale at work.

I use Nigella’s recipe for Lily’s Scones as it really is the best – light and fluffy and very quick to knock up. We have a little ritual where before we leave for the weekend I rub the butter into the flour before we go and take the flour mix with me, then add the milk and mix the dough and get them in the oven while J is unpacking the car when we get there. J is fussy and likes plain scones whereas I like cherry so I usually have to halve the batch but at least that way I get an even number to myself! Serve with jam and clotted cream, preferably when they are still a bit warm out of the oven, utter bliss.


The peanut butter squares are a source of frustration to me since they taste better than pretty much anything on earth, but it is a Lorraine Pascale recipe and I have to admit I am not one of her biggest fans. Anyone whose cookery book contains more pictures of them than the actual food is just wrong, and she really annoyed me on My Kitchen Rules as well. However her peanut butter squares are absolutely to die for, so I just try and not think about her while I am shoving them in my face at a rate of knots.



Anyway, I am off to mull over the unwiseness of writing a blog article about food and cake when I should be thinking about lettuce and celery, hopefully there will be some book talk tomorrow since I have finished a couple recently. Who says I can’t be well-rounded (literally and metaphorically…)?