Keep on keeping on

It has been a tough few months! The marathon completely banjaxed me, I thought it was fairly normal to feel a bit sluggish afterwards though, so took it easy and waited to feel motivated again. And waited… and waited… one month on I was still hating anything to do with running, and, well, hating everything really. This combined with some suspicious symptoms led me to get checked out at the GP and lo and behold, welcome my old overactive thyroid friend. Last seen in 2012 where I had hoped it had been banished never to return, it had reared its ugly head again, just as work got more complicated and just as I needed to start training for Comrades. Sigh. It’s now 4 months on and I’m starting to get better. Running was off the cards for a good 3 months due to various heart-related thyroid issues and the fact I was just too damn knackered to get out of bed let alone strap on running shoes. With some drugs my condition is managed now so I started running again, only to tweak my hamstrings which required a visit to the (lovely) physio. Then the day I went to the physio I came down with a stinking cold which I now still have, so it has all been a bit wearing. I’m due to run a half on Sunday (max distance run since the marathon was 11 very torturous miles the other weekend, uh-oh) and I think that will really be the nail in the Comrades coffin if it goes poorly, or a boost if I can actually string some miles together, we shall see. I’ve also got a consultant appointment on Thursday so will see what he says – last time it was “don’t train” but I am hoping for better news depending on today’s blood test results. We shall see.

In the meantime at least the enforced rest has sorted my errant foot out. After it still being lumpy and sore despite almost total rest (barring parkrun) I finally had an ultrasound done and was diagnosed with a Ganglion cyst. Harmless and I just need to go back if it is giving me gyp. What I thought might be the beginnings of a stress fracture in the same foot (caused by trying to avoid running on the lump I think) has sorted itself out, and my hammies are much better so as soon as I can shed this stupid cold I would like to get running again.

It’s been difficult being injured, but since my thyroid renders me incapable of pretty much anything fun I haven’t missed running so much, it’s not like if you have a broken leg and can’t run, I have lost enthusiasm for pretty much anything! So not having to drag myself out of a warm house has actually been nice, but I do miss it and want to get going. As for Comrades, we will see – the stars are going to have to align themselves in a very fortunate manner for me to even contemplate starting, but the thought of waving off my friends at the start fills me with horror, so I have to still keep it as a goal, even if it is a very distant one at present. Fingers crossed for a decent diagnosis on thursday and a decent-ish half on Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Keep on keeping on

  1. I’d never heard the word banjaxed before (cultural differences) but I love it.

    Sometimes enforced rest is the best thing that can happen to you. I’m entering a period of ~2 months with limited activity. I’m bummed to lose fitness but happy that all of my little kinks and issues will be worked out when I get back on it.

  2. I think banjaxed describes the post-marathon feeling very well!

    I also think enforced rest is a necessary evil (it definitely helps niggles and actually mental strain too) but it is so hard not to go off like the clappers when you do get back into it. Hence my knackered hamstrings. And annoyance at the fact that I am 10 mins off my pre-illness parkrun pace. I need to get better at patience!

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