Feeling slightly sheepish

I am quite appalled by the fact that it has been 5 months since I have posted on this blog. Where does the time go? Part of the break was a rest after getting married (which was absolutely lovely!!) but thanks to a bout of bronchitis it knocked both me and J for six and it was a good month or so before we felt anything like human after the event.

During this time I didn’t really do much of anything, one 42k bike sportive (Wiggle Dragon Ride), several DNS including both triathlons and a lot of eating later and I was staring in the face of being 2 stone heavier than my goal weight and with my mojo having gone on honeymoon and never returned.

5 months later I am still feeling the effects, I’m back on the weightloss train but really struggling with running, my parkrun times have been 30 min plus for the last four months or so (except one time when I had a train to catch and cranked out a 27 min!). Anything above 5k just hurts, I’ve done personal worsts in every race since April, and last night’s intended 16 miler turned into an aborted 15 miler as I had to ring J to come and pick me up when my legs stopped working.

Never having had running mojo before, losing it has been really difficult. What makes it even more difficult is that I am running a marathon in 4 weeks. Yes, you read that correctly. Mojo or not, I have to get round it and the thought is quite frankly terrifying. My longest run since about February was last night and it hurt. I used to do that route home comfortably (well, without feeling like I was going to die anyway) but the combination of not training properly and being 2 stone heavier is not sitting well.

Just don’t bother with the marathon I hear you say… well, believe me the thought has crossed my mind. But I need to give it a go even if it ends badly, I’ve already chickened out of triathlons and umpteen other events, I volunteered at the GNR instead of running it and if nothing else I should burn about 4000 calories running it which will help. The other interesting thing is that ideally I need to run under 5 hours. This is not a personal goal but the qualifying time for the Comrades Ultra-Marathon, a 56 mile beast of a race to be held in South Africa in May 2015. Yes, I have indeed gone completely cock-out crazy, I’ve never wanted to do an ultra, I’ve never even done a marathon and yet I sit here 8 months away from attempting 56 miles in under 12 hours – all I can say is that getting drunk and planning crazy stuff is a BAD IDEA. And unfortunately it is not easy to get out of it since I have 1) entered and 2) bought non-refundable flights. Hmmmm.

So, I need my mojo back please. Pronto. Plan is to continue losing weight, train as best I can and just see what happens. I have until April time to do a sub-5hr marathon so there will be other opportunities to qualify, but how nice would it be to know I was in if I wanted to be. Time will tell…

Off to the Bacchus half this weekend (on a wine estate with wine at the water stations, should be fun albeit not useful!), I think I am going to have to attempt the 16 miler again the following week, but maybe a bit slower. Then Haltwhistle half (net downhill allegedly), then the Wooler Wheel (50k bike ride), Hellhole 10k (trail 10k through the woods) and then it will be here. I will endeavour to keep this blog better updated as it helps me to get my thoughts in order too. Wish me luck!