Oh I wish it could be Easter every day

I’ve got to say that four day weekends are pretty much the best thing ever. Especially when the sun is out, it honestly doesn’t get any better. Loads of time to run, bake, sleep and repeat as well as other fun things like golf, biking and lying in the sunshine, I wish it had never ended.

To go back a bit further though, I did indeed make it to the track session on Wednesday. It consisted of a long warm up and then 5 x 800m with 400m recoveries in between. Although having said that my Garmin only recorded 4 sets, so maybe I wimped out of the last one, oops. It was hard anyway, 800m is a fair old way to go flat out, but it was nice to be back doing some speedwork and I enjoyed the session. Rough timings below, but pretty consistent 8 min miles for the 800 sets which I am quite pleased with. The GPS trace on my Garmin amuses me too, especially as it seems to have got itself a little confused, or the world did indeed move quite significantly while I was running round, hehe.

track1 track2


Thursday morning I got up early and went swimming, 1 mile in about 42 minutes so not bad. The pool was a bit busier than it is in the afternoon and there was this really annoying old chap who stopped me mid-length to tell me I was swimming the wrong way (I wasn’t), but I did it and it was nice to be finished by 9am and know that was my exercise for the day, as well as setting me up nicely for the long weekend. Bring it on!



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