No pain no gain

The fell race on Sunday has battered my legs a bit, my knees have been awfully creaky and I’ve got a couple of nasty blisters but fortunately it has not stopped me getting on with some running this week.

Monday evening was a nice 4 mile run out with some clubmates. We took full advantage of the lighter evenings to go off-road and it was also lovely and sunny, albeit with a bit of a nip in the air. Nice to return to some of the old routes and not have to do the usual trog through town in the dark. I’m liking sunny running a lot!

Tuesday I did 4 miles at lunchtime with some colleagues, it was also gloriously warm and within about 5 minutes I massively regretted wearing my thermal top. T-shirt next week for sure! My poor legs got doubly battered since it was then Strength and Conditioning in the evening. Andy had devised some evil exercises involving a cross taped on the floor (highly appropriate for Easter!) – just goes to show you can work out without expensive gym equipment since the only other bit of kit we used was a tennis ball. Oh and an evil elastic band thing – which sadist came up with the idea of putting a resistance band around your thighs and then having to do a plank? Still, it is good for me and I will really miss it when the course ends in two weeks. I will also need to find something else to do on a Tuesday since my pilates class has been cancelled too (I think everyone swapped to SNC and there was no-one left!) and I really need some sort of core-bashing stuff to complement the run/swim/bike training.

Tonight is a track session I think, then swim first thing tomorrow so I can get home at a reasonable time on Thursday to start the long weekend. Woohoooo!

In other news the wedding dress diet is going ok. I seem to be back on the straight and narrow and am 3lb down this week, just as well as I have eaten sensibly and exercised my arse off so it only seems fair. Now I just need to not screw it up over the weekend but with everything I have planned it is going to be tough to find the time to chow down, just as well probably!


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