I feel a bit like I’m drowning this week – literally and metaphorically since it is absolutely chucking it down and I am snowed under with stuff to do, ugh. I had some cracking wedding anxiety dreams last night but that has prompted me to attack my to-do list with renewed vigour which will hopefully help me not to stress about it (quite so much!).

Yesterday there was thunder and lightning and torrential rain which seems to be continuing today however fortunately the weather forecast for Coniston is ok tomorrow so I am hoping we don’t get rained on. It is going to be a loooooong day though with a 6am pickup, I will need an early night tonight for sure. I still need to slip in a cheeky Jantastic run though so that is the job for tonight, if the rain ever stops anyway… I may just do half a mile up the road then half a mile back and call it quits.

This week has been the week of cancelled plans since adding to the abortive football tournament my dinner out last night was cancelled at the last minute but that just meant I got to eat beans on toast in front of Homeland S2 – not exactly a hardship since the show is awesome! We are halfway through S2 at the moment but the DVD for S3 isn’t out for ages, I might have to do something about that, but am not googling it until we’ve finished S2 in case of spoilers!

Will just finish by listing some books I’ve enjoyed recently:

Dust – Hugh Howey
Third in the trilogy and better than #2 definitely but I’d forgotten too much of the back story to really enjoy it. The ending was good though.

Petroplague – Amy Rogers
I read this as it references some work done by people I know. It was a bit far fetched (I was good until the bit where they got captured by hill-billies) but an interesting concept and I did enjoy it.

Canada – Richard Ford
I started this last night. It is one from left-field since it was chosen for me as a Christmas present by the boys so I have no idea what to expect. Am enjoying it thus far though and it has some stellar reviews. The last book they chose for me was awesome (The Island – Victoria Hislop) so I have high hopes.

Have a good weekend!


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