Hot Tub Heaven

I know some people’s idea of heaven does not include a hot tub (dirty people soup?) but for me, you can’t beat sitting out in one in winter in the UK with a lovely view. That is how I spent the weekend just gone anyway, with the slightly minor issue that my hot tub allergy reared its ugly head again, argh. I thought I’d got rid of it since I was fine the last time we went, but the world is not that kind and by saturday afternoon I was itching like crazy. It didn’t stop me going back in mind you, but we might have to put off our planned week there next year as I’m not so sure I would last a week. It was a lovely weekend anyway, great to get away from it all and as you’ll see from the pictures we spent the time very wisely! (The champagne was a very welcome engagement present from a friend of ours and went down a treat!)


The weekend wouldn’t be the weekend without parkrun though and J and I dutifully left the hot tub and toddled off to Harrogate parkrun on Saturday morning. It’s three laps of the Stray, a big grassy area on the outskirts of the centre and is pretty much flat, and also not too muddy for once. I followed the 28 min pacer all the way round and he was a godsend. I really really like pacers at parkrun, I know they are a nightmare to organise but they make such a difference. At the end we headed in to Harrogate in search of anti-histamine and also made our annual pilgrimage to Gap, which had a huge sale, presumably in our honor, which was very nice of them. We came out with two pairs of jeans and 3 t-shirts for less than two pairs of jeans would have cost full price – bargain!

The rest of the week I have mainly been lazy. Missed the monday night run because we were at the pictures (300: Rise of an Empire – no plot but Eva Green has a fantastic rack), then missed tuesday lunchtime run as I was on annual leave. I was meant to run and bike from home on tues but missed that due to laziness, then yesterday I missed club run because I was meant to be playing in a football tournament but that got cancelled due to the fact they wouldn’t let kids in the building (despite it being billed as a family friendly event, go figure) so we went to Frankie and Benny’s instead. As a consequence I feel like I am the size of a house, and have not helped matters by already consuming an entire package of fig rolls and a bag of mini eggs today before 10am. Someone will need to stage an intervention soon…

I did make it to Strength and Conditioning on tuesday though, and have homework of single leg squats to do, as well as fitting in a Jantastic run before the crazy Saturday double of parkrun followed by the Coniston 14. The latter will be my longest race to-date but at only 0.8 miles more than a half-marathon I think it should be ok. No real time plan although I’d like to get somewhere near my disastrous Cambridge half time (2:08) and there is at least one person also running I would like to beat, so I guess those are my goals. 9 min miles would be nice, but I suspect somewhat out of reach at the moment. Oh mojo, please come back.


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