Back on the bike

Ok, first of all I fit into my dress, hurrah! I have to confess it was a little bit tight but it did up and I managed to get all of the decisions (hair, shoes, underwear) made so that was good. The amount I ate to “celebrate” afterwards was not good, but I have 74 days to put that right (which actually isn’t much since I need to lose about 20lb to be comfortable again I think, help!). That is a blog post for another day though.

Had to skip parkrun on Saturday to go to the dress shop and was planning to go biking when I got back but the wind was horrendous and I just don’t think it was safe (ok, so I wussed out). Sunday morning was lovely and sunny but still really really windy so I wasn’t overly keen but J was taking the boys out along the railway path which is at least sheltered, so I thought I would tag along with them to at least get some time in the saddle. Bike rides with the kids are sometimes a fraught affair but this time it was all very good natured and we did a nice 10 mile trip in the sunshine. It was only as fast as the 9 year old’s legs would go, and we had a prolonged sit-down at half way after the 13 year old’s tyre exploded and needed to be replaced, but it was lovely to get out. My plan was to cycle back home, drop bike off then immediately transition into my run but that cunning plan was cut short when I developed a puncture just before getting back to the car park, so had to load my bike on the car and drive home instead, not quite the planned transition! still, I donned running clothes and set off for a short 5k trip down to the river and back (very hilly!). My legs were not too happy but I couldn’t quite tell if that was bike related unhappiness or just general malaise, but at least I did it. So 11.5 miles biking and 3 miles running in about 2hrs. It’s not much but at least it is a start!

This week I have to get back on the sensible bandwagon, so am running tonight with the club, then tomorrow lunchtime with colleagues. Tomorrow evening is strength and conditioning then club on wednesday, and then something friday morning (bike or run depending on weather) before heading off to our hot tub heaven on Friday afternoon. Apart from parkrun I will do no exercise at all at the weekend bar walking to and from the fridge to get more champagne, I cannot wait! It is lazy but I am calling it tapering for next Saturday’s craziness (Barrow parkrun followed by Coniston 14) and figure it must be good for me. Time will tell…


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