Embrace the hills!

The week is so far going to plan, apart from the nil by mouth bit so it remains to be seen whether I will actually fit into my dress on Saturday – fingers crossed!

In the meantime Strength and Conditioning on Tuesday night was fun, it’s a bit like circuits with a host of exercises to move between, it’s great as it works parts of my body that running just doesn’t touch and I was delighted to be able to do 4 full arm press-ups during the session as well as be complimented on my side plank. That was the last in a series of 8 but there is a 6 week course starting next week which I have signed up to, bring on the pain!

Yesterday I actually managed to make it back to my clubnight for the first time in about 6 weeks. I was tempted by the track timetrial (1600m as quick as you can) but my legs are dead so it didn’t seem worth it so I am saving that for next week. Instead I took my social group out, when I first started we decided that being known as the “slow” group wasn’t very nice so renamed ourselves the social group which sounds much nicer. There were LOADS of people interested in my run yesterday, I didn’t count but it was well over 25 I think. I had devised a rather evil course involving three hill efforts, finishing with the steepest hill in Durham but did ‘fess up to that beforehand and people still came along, the crazy loons. Anyway, everyone did really really well, we had some beginners who did Redhills for the first time and there was much bonhomie, especially on the second hill where I had placed a bag of mini creme eggs at the top for the first finishers. It was really good fun anyway and capped off with a lovely hot chocolate and wedding shoe approval in a local hostelry, all very pleasant.

Today I am on kid duty in the evening then off out to a friend’s house to try some products she has just started using so no exercise plans today. I might fit in a swim tomorrow but am gearing up for Sunday where I am going to tackle Button Bank (steep evil bike hill) and then do my first ever transition where I will do a 5k run after my bike ride in preparation for the duathlon in April. I just need the weather to continue to cooperate (and my dress to fit) and the weekend will be pretty darn nice!


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