Running away

A busy weekend away unfortunately means I haven’t updated my blog for a week, argh. I am not helped by the fact that my ipad does not like wordpress and lost me my most recent blog post halfway through, double argh.

Anyway, I was running away from home most of the weekend which was actually quite nice since there are only so many routes you can do in your home town so to get out and about elsewhere was rather a pleasant change. The weekend shaped up as follows:

Friday: 5 miles around Regent’s Park – I was in London for a meeting and thought I’d try and sneak a quick run in before my meeting. It was a bit cold and grey but I SAW A CAMEL!!!! On some good advice I headed from Bloomsbury along Harley St up to Regent’s Park, then round the zoo and back again. You can’t run in the actual zoo but there is a path that goes all the way round and the hedges aren’t very tall so you can see all manner of exciting things – I saw penguins, a llama and actually TWO camels. I was quite beside myself with joy and really enjoyed it. The fact I then went and ate my own bodyweight in sandwiches at lunchtime was poor, but I SAW A CAMEL!

Saturday was a spot of parkrun tourism at Cambridge. Very nice course and round in just over 27 mins, my quickest bar one this year and I was quite happy with that.

Sunday was the Cambridge half. It was hot, I’d run too far in the previous two days, not slept well and I had eaten too much cake the day before. Started off ok but then went rapidly downhill. My plan was (is always) to aim for 9 min miles so I can get round in under two hours. It was going well until mile 4 however my rather embarrassing splits are as follows:

Mile – mins per mile

  1. 8.39
  2. 8.45
  3. 8.51
  4. 8.49
  5. 9.07
  6. 9.10
  7. 9.25
  8. 9.41
  9. 9.59
  10. 10.17
  11. 11.00
  12. 10.45
  13. 11.45
  14. 11.28

Oops. The 2 hour pacer went past me at 8 miles and that was the last straw really, I decided to throttle back, take on as much water as humanly possible, grit my teeth and just get on with it. The last bit of the second lap was especially torturous as there was a big detour round to the finish which seemed to go on for miles and miles. I’d also had a stitch for about 8 miles by that point and was pretty fed up, but the end eventually came and boy was I glad. A 13 minute personal worst time but I got round and at least I managed 4 miles at race pace :babysteps:

The rest of the day was rather nice as we decamped back to my sister’s house for a picnic in her garden and a rare but very welcome chance to hang out with my family. Unfortunately we then had to drive the 4 hours back north, that is not fun with tired legs but I had monday booked off work which helped ease the pain. I spent my day off curled up under a blanket on the sofa watching low budget movies about tornadoes, it was grand.

Today it was -2degC when I left the house but beautiful sunshine and the 4 miles I did in the warmth of the sun with some colleagues at lunchtime have stretched me out ready for strength and conditioning tonight. I am taking it easy for the rest of the week though, social run tomorrow then swim on Thursday, nothing on Friday, parkrun on Saturday and then hopefully out on my bike on Sunday since I have a duathlon in precisely 27 days time and I haven’t been on my bike since about October, ouch.

My main fear is currently fitting into my wedding dress on Saturday, I have my final fitting then but am at least half a stone heavier than the last time I tried it on, help! Going to have to go nil by mouth for the rest of the week in the hopes that some of it will shift before then, otherwise I will have to run home on Friday to burn some calories off and that will not be fun. Fingers crossed…


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