Round and round we go

Running: Usual Lunchtime run today with some colleagues. There is a handy park right by work that, even handier, is about 500m in perimeter, so pretty good for intervals. With the limited time available it was a bit of a splash and dash with just 5 x 200m with 200m recoveries along with warm up and cool down (2.8 miles in total), but at least it counts for Jantastic and got me out in the sunshine.

Baking: Man, running makes me hungry. But since I have a wedding dress to fit into (final fitting is in 2 weeks and I need to lose half a stone before then, gulp) there is no baking on the horizon, just lots of crackerbread and philadephia. Sigh. I am going out to lunch after the dress fitting though and plan to EAT THE WORLD.

Sleeping: I need more sleep. That is all.

Repeating: More intervals tomorrow I think, this time on the track and for much longer. Not entirely looking forward to it if I’m honest but I’ve really dropped the ball on speedwork recently and I think I am missing out. New running plan involves running less but running smarter

In other news I have finished The Cuckoo’s Calling which was excellent (I hope there will be a sequel) and am nearing the end of The Island (Victoria Hislop) which I have massively enjoyed, so much so that I am trying to eke out the last few chapters as I just don’t want it to end. It also got me in a really interesting wikipedia loop about leprosy so I learnt something new as well – I thought it had died out like polio but it turns out it is actually curable these days but despite that the social stigma still remains. Fascinating stuff.


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