Downhill – but in a good way

My legs were still a bit battered on Saturday morning so parkrun was a bit of a struggle, I finished in well over 30 mins but the sun was out and it was definitely easier than previous weeks where I’d done my long run on the Friday. It was then straight off to XC on the club bus – last fixture of the season for me since I can’t make the final race in two weeks time but I think I’ve done enough to get my t-shirt, hurrah! The League had definitely saved the best for last, the location was absolutely beautiful with views of Alnwick Castle wherever you looked.

The course was rather nice too, no steep hills but instead a long drag up to some woods, then a short, sharp bumpy downhill to end the lap. I ran round with a clubmate as we’d done the previous week at Wreckenton and it really helped, she’s an excellent motivator! Despite dead legs and lack of mojo by the second lap I was hurdling trees and running downhill like a mountain goat and ended up really enjoying it. Some excellent cake afterwards too and my creme egg brownies (or rather the ones I pinched from this excellent recipe) went down a storm, much to the littlest one’s annoyance as he was hoping they would be unpopular and there would be plenty left for him – not so much!

Back home on the bus and out for dinner at our local, I was good and had steak and salad but then finished up with an enormous waffle and ice cream, just reward for a hard week’s running though I think. Sinking over a bottle of wine in the ensuing evening along with some drizzly cold weather the following morning put paid to any cycling thoughts I had been idly entertaining and I ended up doing housework, writing the parkrun report and watching Sunderland lose the Cup Final on Sunday, but I feel a bit more refreshed today so it probably did me some good. This week’s training schedule is as follows:

Mon: Swim (1 mile, and I’ve remembered my goggles this time, hurrah!)
Tues: Lunchtime run and Strength & Conditioning in the evening
Weds: Club-run night but I’ll probably do track instead I think
Thurs: Away for work in London so day off, might try and sneak in a morning swim though
Fri: Work meeting in London. Debating a run by the river beforehand.
Sat: parkrun tourism
Sun: Cambridge half

Will see how I go…


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