Foam Roller Friday

I managed my run home last night – 15.87 miles in just under 3 hours. I was knackered by the end, as witnessed by the fact that I would never usually finish a run that close to the next milestone without jogging up and down the road until it ticked over but I was just too tired so instead went gratefully inside for a shower and a warm dinner. Glad I did it and I will be even happier on Sunday morning when I can roll over and go back to sleep instead of getting up and going out. Love paying it in advance! Am hoping that my tired and sore legs recover in time for parkrun and XC tomorrow too, though I might have to get the dreaded foam roller out tonight just to help things along.

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with my roller. I did an excellent course on how to use it, but have to admit that I am not as committed as I should be, basically because it hurts, and I am a wuss. I also have a stick, which was a godsend when I had a dodgy hamstring – it doesn’t quite match up to the foam roller but is a bit more portable and much kinder on your muscles. I have never tried the knobbly foam rollers, and nor do I want to, they even look evil. The best thing in the world is a good leg massage though so I think I might be extra nice to J later to see if he will do me one.

So, plans for the weekend involve parkrun (J’s 50th and the boys both get their 10 t-shirts so should be fun), then XC (my last of the season). I was meant to be playing golf on sunday but it’s been cancelled so I will probably watch the cup final and do some baking – and I might even get to write a post about baking, which given the title of this blog is long overdue!

First I have a date with some post-run refueling though. NOM.


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