Shiny new blog! Not entirely sure what I will be writing about but I will see where the muse takes me.

DivergentThis is primarily a running and baking blog (as per the title) but I might throw some books in too. In fact I have a book dilemma – I have been reading Veronica Roth’s Divergent Trilogy and thoroughly enjoying it. I know I am enjoying a book when I try to get to the station earlier so I get a few extra minutes reading in, and the first two books of this trilogy have gripped me in a way I haven’t been gripped in a while (oo-er). I’m 97% through Book 2 (spot the Kindle reader) so first job at work this morning – well, second job since I was also strangely compelled to start listening to the curling so had to start iplayer – was to download the third book. Found it fine but herein lies the dilemma – it’s nearly £6 on kindle so about £5 more than I usually pay for a book, and also the reviews are not good. So, do I spend my hard earned cash on a book that sounds like it will ultimately be disappointing, or do I wait it out until it drops in price, good for the bank balance but by the time I get round to reading it I will likely have forgotten half the plot and it won’t be nearly as enjoyable (if indeed it is enjoyable at all)? The third option is to borrow it from the library, but there is bound to be a waiting list so again it could be months before I get it. I’m not sure if this quite fits the definition of a First World Problem but I am vexed nonetheless. I think I will have a cup of tea and ponder the dilemma some more.


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